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Sep 5, 2012 7:00am EDT
university journalism professor christopher daly discusses the evolution of journalism from the 1700s to the digital age. in his book, "covering america," he examines the current arguments that journalism is in danger and points to the numerous obstacles that the news industry has faced throughout its history. this is a little under an hour. >> welcome everybody. and please take your seat. i'm nicholas lemann, the dean of the journalism school. this is to celebrate the publication of a book of "covering america" which is a history of american journalism. certain it will soon be if it isn't already a standard history of american journalism for many years to come by this gentleman, christopher daly, who is a professor of journalism at boston university and an old friend of mine. to give you some idea of how far back we go, when i knew chris, there was a lot of hair here and down here. so anyway, here's what we're going to do. we have a fairly intimate gathering so i want to have time for a lot of q&a so i will spend about the first 30 minutes of this event doing sort of interrogating hi
Sep 26, 2012 7:00am EDT
for the global economy, given the size of the u.s. economy and its linkages with many other countries around the globe. so we all hope that despite political calendars, which anywhere in the world, have a degree of unpredictability there will soon be enough political clarity and now political gains in order to actually focus on removing this uncertainty and making sure that both the issue of the fiscal cliff and the issue of the debt ceiling are addressed. that's for the short-term. clearly for the medium term as indicated in japan actually there should also be a clear indication of what is the plan for actually reducing debt going forward in order to at least create an environment where anticipation can be built on a safer basis. let me turn now to the challenges facing the rest of the world. because each and every part of the world has to also deliver on its promises. you might argue that growth in emerging markets economist and a low income countries promises have been delivered upon. because when the crisis hit there were is light in the darkness. emerging markets were able to lead the g
Sep 19, 2012 7:00am EDT
basis as the u.s. military is doing -- >> let me as this question a different way. >> we don't know -- >> workplace violence or a domestic terrorist. >> i've heard that, both of those characterizations. and we reef use to reach a find on that. and i have to say the reason is that we don't have the evidence sufficient to know, we don't know what kind of standard department of defense is applying certainly in their investigation was not into department of defense activities. it was not into the criminal investigation itself, which was to a great degree hands off to is because the military is pursuing a criminal case against major hasan. so we were unable to reach a decision on those issues. we do believe, and really would like to see justice done for the victims, their families. >> professor manji? >> domestic terrorism, home-grown. >> mr. leiter? >> congressman, the analysts within the week as i said dean to it to qualify as an act of international terrorism under the statute we used. it was a sub government of group, political violence called terrorism than. i call it terrorism toda
Sep 12, 2012 7:00am EDT
right decision to welcome them here as happened in the 1970s, and those who oppose it i believe were profoundly wrong. and i would also say to him who is actually from that background what incredible achievement is for someone from that background to get with one generation to come to parliament and such a distinguished contribution. >> mr. speaker, last week we saw a painful experience for me. but can the prime minister advises why he recommended knighthood or five of his -- [inaudible] but there was nothing -- >> i actually take the view that when people come into public light and work hard in opposition and in government and make a contribution, then that is something we should recognize. it shouldn't only be permanent secretaries that receive these honest. we should also be prepared to honor ministers who work hard answer the country as well. >> order, order. the honorable member must be heard. >> our armed forces are almost willing to do what we ask of them without complaint, but there will be a detrimental impact on individuals training, deployment opportunities and r&r if aske
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4